PSC is the future of college planning

We help students take control of the college admission process.

PSC academy helps you stand out.

PSC counselors will find the competitions that best fit you and develop a strategy for success; and guide them through their academic and professional careers.

PSC is a community that inspires students.

PSC is more than a college counseling company. We are a community that inspires students to grow, and a network that guides students through their academic and professional careers.

PSC empower researchers in multi-industries.

PSC never stops innovating.  We deliver university-level research opportunities to your computer screen in Business, STEM, Psychology, Medical, and Design Topics.

PSC at a Glance

Students deserve individualized support; they should not be stuck with ONE counselor or ONE formula.  PSC is passionate about providing students with unique experiences and insights that go beyond the conventional wisdom.

Holistic Approach at PSC

PSC Facts

6:1 Expert-to-student ratio
Top 20 University Counseling Experts
Top 30 University Admissions Rate
UC Admissions Acceptance Rate
Cutting edge Curriculums

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At PSC, we are proud of our Holistic Pathways, Cutting-edge Curriculum, Unparalleled Resources and Exceptional Results.

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A Path of Self Discovery

PSC's expert-driven counseling philosophy helps students stand out from the crowd by providing unique program offerings spanning research, academic competitions, journalism, and social enterprises.

ORP / OIP Program

Work with industry professionals in the most desired companies.

PSC's 4 to 8 weeks Online Internship Programs (OIP) is for students who are preparing for their career life in HR, finance, technology, marketing, law, and so on. Internships for high school / college students offer professional placements in a wide variety of organizations, including startups, boutique firms, and international nonprofits. Interns take on roles ranging from business, law firm, marketing and communications to fundraising and research.


PSC students start their next chapter in their dream schools.
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Personality Test: 48 questions from 4 dimensions.

Career Interest Test: 60 questions from 6 indicators

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Personality Test: 48 questions from 4 dimensions
Discover careers and occupations: most suitable for you
Career Interest Test: 60 questions from 6 indicators


PSC students start their next chapter in their dream schools.

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