There is no simple formula for success. We develop custom plans to help students achieve their academic goals."

Academic Competitions

Extracurricular activities make or break a college application. Winning an academic competition is the best way to showcase your academic strengths, to present your passion of academic focus, and to stand out from the peers.


GPA gives admissions officers an idea of how hard you worked in high school and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. It could be the deciding factor between you and another applicant.

AP Courses

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are designed to be college level work. AP classes are significantly important in college admissions to indicate that you can handle a challenging academic workload.

Standardized Tests

The “optional” in “test-optional” is misleading. Better standardized test scores can mean merit scholarships, a freshmen year with no remedial classes, and a competitive advantage for selective-college admissions.

PSC Helps You
stand out.

Spice Up Your Resume with Academic Competitions

It is no secret that extracurricular activities can make or break a college application.  It is harder than ever to stand out from your peers.

Academic competitions provide the answer.  They bring out qualities that colleges love and help you build unique skill sets.  PSC counselors will find the competitions that best fit you and develop a strategy for success.

PSC Academy

For your better and brighter future, we invited several award-winning mentors to guide you through the process of learning, preparing, and registering to compete in prestigious academic competitions.

8 Benefits

Academic competition & extracurricular activities
Academic Achievements
Interests and Passions
Perform Under Pressure
Team Spirit
Make an Impact

Join Competitions Programs

From STEM to Business, from Art and Design to Cross-Disciplinary, Join PSC Academy, let us help you shine and stand out.

Student Achievements

Scholastic certificates. Wharton. Launch X. Project ECHO Advancement letters. and much more.
The Journey Begins

About CEIA

CEIA (California Education in Action) brings together students and community members to realize a just and sustainable world through service, scholarship, and entrepreneurship. We engage hundreds of students each year in service locally and around the world.  We value student passions and ideas and believe in their abilities to become successful change agents.

CEIA builds student leadership skills and helps students find their purpose. We are also a nonprofit incubator helping emerging student nonprofits and charitable projects through consultation, training, technical support, and financial sponsorship.

Student Founded

"Building Real Nonprofit Organizations."


10 PSC students were selected to attend the 45th UNIS-UN Conference in 2020, discussing “A Global Catastrophe- The Impact of COVID-19” with Dr. Anthony Fauci and other youth delegates around the world.

Commitment to Change

Our students’ transformative impact has reached 6 countries and over 30,000 people around the world.

Student Founded

Join Our Nonprofit

Four featured student-found organizations doing transformative things together in the community. Find the one that speaks to your heart. Join them to make the change.

Students love "WECRE8"


“It’s not too early to start NOW. Throughout this program, I have been met so many peers that have taken the initiative to make it happen. I feel really encouraged to upgrade myself and do the same. I have had the opportunity to practice many soft skills that will be very helpful for my future, no matter what I do. “

Gain and Learn


“I learned that creating a startup venture involves cycles of ups and downs. A good idea is not enough. Pitching your ideas to your team, mentor, judges is a very demanding task. I have improved so much in communication, time management and problem-solving. WECRE8 gave us the platform to learn essential knowledge and to apply the knowledge in real life.”

Lead and Create


“WECRE8 gave me a solid foundation for my knowledge in entrepreneurship and how starting a real nonprofit is like. I came to WECRE8 thinking that nonprofit organizations do not need to think about money, but I am really glad that the hands-on experience helped me realize that running a nonprofit is no different from running a business.”

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