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At PSC, we are constantly hiring the best and brightest minds, seeking the most up-to-date information on admission trends.

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Tireless Innovation

PSC never stops innovating.  It has pioneered the “6-Year Ivy Admission Plan,” PSC Virtual Lab for conducting graduate level research online, and WECR8 Student Nonprofit Incubator

Our counseling team is at the intersection of academic gurus and industry professionals.

We have a deep bench of experts to provide you with uncommon experiences and insights that go beyond the conventional wisdom.

Business Management, Finance, Leadership, Law
David C.
Ask me about College Planning, Nonprofits Leadership Advising

Pepperdine University|Business Administration, B.S

Pepperdine University School of Law

David C.

PSC has a unique support structure when it comes to helping our students. Each student has a customized plan and is assigned a whole team of experts in different areas, such as academics, extracurriculars, professional planning, and administration. We don't work for the student, we work with the student - the way it should be.

Finance, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Strategy, Business Management
Andrew F.
Ask me about Business School Counseling, ORP Business Research

Cornell University|PhD in Management / Organizations


Andrew F.

The PSC business programs are a truly unique experience. The students are incredibly talented, and they have the opportunity to work with faculty from top-tier business schools. I can't think of a better way for students to get a head start in their studies and careers.”

Business Entrepreneurship, STEM, Pre-Med, Computer Science, AI Machine Learning
Charles L.
Ask me about Business School Consulting, College Application in STEM Track, Pre-Med Consulting

University of Pennsylvania|Machine Learning, M.S.

University of California, Berkeley|B.S. in Human Biology

Charles L.

The great thing about PSC is that we’re able to give each student the individualized attention they need to achieve their goals. Beyond simply advising students on what path to take, PSC has the additional benefit of being able to connect students directly with new opportunities for growth in their chosen field. It’s wonderful to be able to work with such highly motivated young people, and to help them realize their full potential.

STEM, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, AI
Chan K.
Ask me about STEM School Counseling, STEM Research Programs and Internship


Caltech|Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Chan K.

My approach to counseling combines my own experience of applying to universities and my experience of leading a team at my current company. Having interviewed countless applicants for positions, there are a lot of parallels between what I look for in candidates and what schools prioritize.”

Mechanical Engineering, Sustainability Science
Danna X.
Ask me about Nonprofits Leadership Advising, STEM Research Programs

Stanford University|Master of Science in Sustainability

Stanford University|Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Danna X.

My experience with PSC has been nothing short of incredible. PSC is truly involved at every step along the way of nurturing a student's skillset. Beyond the college application, PSC helps students enhance their strengths and overcome challenges. At PSC, it's a two way street; and we're focused on developing students to achieve their unique goals and full potential.

Industrial Design, UI / UX Design, Business Innovation, Entrepreneurship
Robert C.
Ask me about Art & Design Portfolio Building, Product Design / UIUX

Industrial Designers Society of America|Award Designer

ArtCenter|Product Design. UI/UX Design

Robert C.

PSC isn't about presenting a set rubric for students - We help students find the narrative threads to succeed. As an Art & Design consultant, my approach with students is to share real-world industry insights and design processes. We work together to uncover facets in research, technique, and innovation. Eventually we cultivate designs and ideas to make them shine.”


We are cultivating a spirit, a community, and life-long influence. PSC is more than a college counseling company to our students, it is a community where students can feel inspired to grow; and a network that students can leverage for the rest of their lives.

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college planning.

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