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Our mission is to make university-level research accessible to students regardless of where they live or go to school.

PSC Virtual Lab Programs


You will work with top professors from the best universities. When not doing research with VLab students, our professors work exclusively with graduate and doctoral students.


Top Notch Research

Virtual Lab will teach you how to read primary sources, design experiments, and synthesize data. By the end of the program, you will complete your own research abstract and thesis.



You will present and defend your thesis in a simulated “doctoral examination” before your professor and research mentor.



Top VLab students may earn a recommendation letter or an internship with a professor or mentor.

PSC Student Gets the Chance to work with

Top notch professors on the most cutting-edge research topics

Work directly with professors in a small group setting
Present your research thesis in a Virtual Lab symposium
Work with research mentors to write university-level research papers
Earn recommendations and internships


National Neuroscience Research Award.

Senior Thesis Best High School Awards.


Columbia Junior Science Journal.

International Journal of High School Research.


Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Brown, UPenn, Stanford, UChicago, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, USC

Empower Young Researchers

PSC Signature Programs

PSC Virtual Lab online research is a collaboration between you and the professor from best universities and industry professionals.

Student Achievements

Scholastic certificates. Wharton. Launch X. Project ECHO Advancement letters. and much more.
Student Achievement

What Students Say.

Johnson, UC Berkeley
National Neuroscience Research Award.

"I attended a neuroscience Virtual Lab program with a USC professor on a real lab project, regarding the impact of Deep Brain Stimulation on Parkinson's Disease. I have learned so much, including how to construct a database, set up my own hypothesis, and write a paper to present my research results. Under the guidance of my professor and my research mentor from Yale, I finished a university-level research paper for submission. I am so happy that I won the National Neuroscience Research Award, which leads me to a lot more new opportunities. "

“Leads me to a lot more new opportunities.

Kevin. University of Southern California

"My online research with an NYU professor focused on FinTech. It was fascinating to learn how technology is merging with finance. We explored asset valuation, autonomous driving, and content feeding algorithms with real case studies happening on Wall Street. The best aspect of the program is it widened my perspective about the different majors, industries, and resources out there, which helped decide on the direction I am moving forward to.”

"Real case Studies happening on Wall Street."

Lisa, Stanford University

" I loved it! My professor from Yale is totally brilliant, and I enjoyed the group interactions. Even though there was a lot of new information to take in, the program is well-designed and challenging. I really liked how he challenged us with MBA-level requirements, and we got to experience what it is like to attend Yale MBA program. My professor's letter of recommendation was one of the most crucial elements that helped me get into my dream school: Cornell University! I highly recommend PSC Virtual Lab programs!"

“Helped me get into my dream school.”


Work with industry professionals in the most desired companies.

A high school internship in entrepreneurship provides a strong foundation in the business world. Our interns are placed in top sectors including green energy, technology, and social entrepreneurship. Each of our partner organizations is a leader in their own field, and interns learn from inspirational entrepreneurs and innovators.

OIP Program

PSC's 4weeks, 8 weeks, 4 months Online Internship Programs (OIP) is for students who are preparing for their career life.

PSC's 4 to 8 weeks Online Internship Programs (OIP) is for students who are preparing for their career life in HR, finance, technology, marketing, law, and so on. Internships for high school / college students offer professional placements in a wide variety of organizations, including startups, boutique firms, and international nonprofits. Interns take on roles ranging from business, law firm, marketing and communications to fundraising and research.

Work with industry professionals in the most desired companies.

Compete for a valuable recommendation letter and return job offers.

Best way to stand out in college application process and advance in your career path.

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